Students are given awards for their achievements in Scholastic and Non-scholastic areas. They are as follows.

  1. Best Outgoing Student Award:

                                          The best students of class XII are selected based on their scholastic, non-scholastic performances and overall behaviour in the school.

  1. General Proficiency Awards:

                                         The overall performance (both academic and co-curricular) of the students will be awarded with first & second prizes. The students of class                                           LKG – III will be given section wise awards wherein the students of class IV – XII will be given class wise. Interschool prizes won with                                                           the  school’s authentication will only be considered for the award. Late comers and fee defaulters may not be eligible for the award.

  1. Subject Awards:

                                        The students of class IV and above are given subject awards for the excellent performance in the respective subjects                                                                                             (highest score above 95% in class).

  1. Attendance Award:

                                      The students who have attended the school on all the working days are given 100% Attendance Award. Late comers are                                                                                     not eligible  for this award.

  1. Annual Awards: Toppers

                                       School Toppers and the students who secure centum in any subject in class X,XI & XII in Board examinations will be honoured.

  1. Rank Holder Award:

                                       Students getting State Ranks & District Ranks will be honored.